Airmed 'Marrett' Anaesthesia Machine

Accession 2009131

Description: Manufactured by Airmed of London, this anaesthetic machine features a stand to accommodate oxygen, nitrous oxide, cyclopropane and carbon dioxide cylinders delivering gases to a demountable Marrett head. This has flow meters for each gas, an ether vaporiser, a chloroform or trichloroethylene vaporiser, a sodalime canister and a semi-closed, valved circle absorption system. Low pressure gas regulators within the base unit supply gas via rubber hoses to the head unit. Designed to be suitable for field use, the system offered considerable economy of gases and volatiles within a compact and light weight unit.

Houghton, I T,2005,'The Marrett Apparatus: Is Hospital Anaesthetic Equipment Compatible with Field Use?', , Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, June 1.

'Major Rex Marrett in 1945 was commissioned to design an anaesthetic apparatus for field use to replace the Field Pattern Boyle's apparatus in use during the second World War. His design was both elegant and avant garde and was capable of being used with all agents and circuitry then in current use. It was an economical machine with vaporizer in circle and carbon dioxide absorption as its chief mode of operation. The equipment and its later developments are described. Eventually the desire for knowing volatile agent concentrations led to its decline with production ceasing in 1976.'


Acquired: 13/10/2009