Aspirating syringe kit & in metal case

Accession #: 2009111

Description: Seamless, hinged, nickel-plated metal case (DSC09725), marked 'Mayer & Co., London' (DSC09726) containing a metal and glass aspirating syringe (20 c.c.) with thumb and finger rings and Record taper nozzle. An lug adjacent to the nozzle permits the three enclosed long needles to be locked to the syringe (DSC09729). There is also a non-lock Record -fit curved canula with a circular disk-shaped flange (DSC09730). This terminated in an end hole and is blunt ended.


contained in Doctor's Bag 2009110

Loaned to Welsh Assembly for Pierhead Building exhibition 20/01/10

Dimensions: 175 x 100 x 40 mm

Acquired: 25/06/2009