BOC Oxygen Therapy Outfit M.S.110

Accession #: 2008265

Description: Fabric covered wooden box containing:

2008265.1: Face Mask, green rubber, stamped BOC though similar to B.L.B. oro-nasal oxygen inhaler. The rebreathing bag has perished and is missing.

2008265.2: Flowmeter fitted with fine adjustment valve and pressure gauge. This is probably not the original design supplied. (See Thackray Catalogue image, right). The absence of a pressure regulator means that the flow rate will fall as the cylinder empties and the Bullnose fitting is not oxygen specific.

2008265.3: Spanner Key marked BOC Medical Section. Instructions indicate that a flow of 4 L/minute provides 60% O2 in alveolar air and 7 L/minute achieves 80%. The rebreathing caused results in 1% CO2 in the rebreathing bag at a flow of 4 L/min and 0.2% at 7 L/min.

The sterilisation recommendation washing then 3 minutes immersion in boiling water.

Dimensions: 300 x 200 x 100 mm

Acquired: 06/03/2009