Box of Clinical Lantern Slides

Accession #: 2008251

Description: A selection of glass mounted lantern slides from Llandough Hospital X Ray Department. Some are from a collection assembled by Dr Graham de B Hinde.

Box with slots for 50 lantern slides is manufactured by Johnsons of Hendon. Lantern slides used during the first half of the 20th century were 3 1/4" (82 mm) square. The image was created in a silver halide/gelatin layer on a glass plate. This was the protected by mounting it against a second, plain glass plate and the two bound with adhesive paper tape. Later, 2" square slides became the norm in which an image on 35 mm film stock was bound between two sheets of plain glass or a special mount that might be glassless.

Dimensions: 394 x 115 x 96 mm

Acquired: 12/12/2008