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Charnley Prosthesis - introduced 1962

Accession #: 2010023

Description: Charnley designed his Prosthesis for total hip replacement - a procedure that he called a 'low friction arthroplasty' (LFA). The device, which consists of a high density polythene cup component articulating with a stainless steel femoral head component, is now cemented in place both in the pelvis and the shaft of the femur. There have been a number of minor modifications and it is still in use today. The primary application is for the treatment of painful osteoarthritis of the hip joint. It is successful because both faces of the damaged joint are removed and replaced.

The articulated example has been removed from a patient. The separated cup differs from the articulated example in that its outer surface is ridged for better adhesion and features an attached wire X-ray marker. This was introduced to better detect aseptic separation and rotation within the pelvic bone.


Acquired: 29/06/2010