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Dental Conservation Instrument kit

Accession #: 2009142

The case, made of mahogany, has a lockable opening lid with underlying instrument tray and 6 drawers that are secured by a metal rod that runs vertically through the front panels of the drawers and the carcasse. The rod is accessible only when the lid is opened. Each drawer has instrument compartments. The case is almost fully stocked. The key is missing. It was damaged by a burglar who failed to gain entry though partially forced the piano hinge. The unit was purchased by its original owner, when he entered dental school as was a requirement of that institution. Having become double (medical and dental) qualified, and specialised as a facio-maxillary surgeon this instrument case was never used thereafter. This explains its impeccable condition.

Dimension: 400 x 230 x 340 mm

Acquired: 20/11/2009