Drum, sterilisation, Schimmelbusch

Accession #: 2008024

Description: Introduced circa 1890. Plated sheet metal drum with sealable lid and closable side ventilation ports. This was designed to permit equipment sterilised in steam autoclaves to be transported to a distant site and to be maintained sterile. The drum is lined with a thick cotton liner.

1847 - Semmelweis identifies surgeons hands as route of spread of puerperal infection

1865 - Lister introduces hand and wound asepsis with the use of carbolic acid

1881 Robert Koch identifies causative organisms of TB and Anthrax and describes steam sterilisation

1880 Chamberland invents the autoclave and von Bergmann validates the need for increasing the temperature and pressure.

1890 Schimmelbusch invents the sterilisation drum and a wire frame chloroform mask

Dimensions: 226 x 220d mm

Acquired: 09/05/2008