Emp. Cantharadini B.P. (Plaster)

Accession #: 2008137

Description: 'Emp. Cantharadini B.P. 1932 Poison'. Contained within the tinplate container is a piece of lint impregnated with Cantharidine. Cantharidine is a potent vesicant. Also known as 'Spanish Fly'. When the N.H.I. Formulary was replaced by the National War Formulary in December 1941, Emp. Canthridini B.P. was discontinued.

The beetle Cantharis Vesicatoria is the source of Cantharidine. 'Emp.' or Emplastrum means 'plaster'.

Properties: Diuretic, aphrodisiac, emmenagogue, rubefacient, vesicant, acrid poison. Blisters (blebs) are for stimulation, but may produce consitutional symptoms, and if allowed to remain on long, depress according to amount of serum discharged, which contains equal quantities of albumin and blood.


Acquired: 01/12/2008