Eye Magnet - 'Firle'

Accession #: 2010066

Description: Black leatherette case, labelled, 'THE FIRLE EYE MAGNET' with blue satin/velvet lining contains the solid magnetic rod handle (4" x 1/2") together with 4 shaped probes. Each probe has a knurled flange to assist in removal from the handle. One end of the handle bears a tapered recess that accepts the probes. Chromium plated steel. Stamped "MADE IN ENGLAND" (indistinct). This example came from a pharmacy in Bristol - Hughes & Co., 'Apothecary to the King'.

N. Bishop Harman, 'The Firle Eye Magnet'. March 6th 1939, Br J Ophthalmol.

Dimensions: 114 x 72 x 28 mm (case)

Acquired: 18/02/2011