Gas gangrene Antitoxin - syringe & container

Accession #: 2008250

Description: 'Gas Gangrene Antitoxin (combined). Excess insures 10,000 Units of Perfringens (B. Welchii) and 10,000 Units of Vibrion septique antitoxins'.License No. 1.

Parke Davis & Co Detroit, Michigan, USA

Medication contained in a syringe container and supplied with plunger driver,special double ended needle, paper instructions for assembly of the device, 4-page instructions labelled Serum Reactions and 4-page instructions labelled 'Gas Gangrene Antitoxin (Combined) Therapeutic.

All contained in wooden box, box jointed with sliding wooden lid. Unlabelled. Woodworm on one side.

Dimensions: 134 x 49 x 45 mm

Acquired: 05/12/2008