Pump, PCAS, Graseby

Accession #: 2008029

Description: Patient Controlled Analgesia System, Graseby Medical.

Patient controlled analgesia (PCA) was developed in Cardiff under the guidance of Professor Michael Rosen. Although prototypes for testing were originally built by Horstmann Gear Ltd., the first production device was this pump manufactured by Graseby Medical. Original research demonstrated that a continuous background infusion was unnecessary and unsafe. However, some clinicians, particularly paediatricians, who were used to administering opiates by continuous infusion to neonates, expressed a desire for the facility. American manufacturing competitors, seeking commercial benefit, introduced pumps featuring the continuous infusion option - with the inevitable outcome. Consequently, these devices are now almost invariably used in conjunction with an alarm-enabled pulse oximeter.

Dimensions: 380 x 170 x 100 mm. handset 90 x 50 x 50mm.

Acquired: 09/05/2008