Matheu Tonsil Guillotine

Accession #: 2006017

Description: This tonsillectomy guillotine is encased in a coffin-shaped leatherette-covered box with purple velvet lining. The lid was originally hinged and closure was by means of a spring clip. Marked 'Mathieu a Paris'. French.

The instrument is designed to spear, secure and guillotine the tonsil in one continuous movement. The two pronged spear has barbs similar to forks provided for eating escargot.

Beautifully designed and made.

In the sequence picture, top-to-bottom:

a) Primed. Tonsil is pressed into loop.
b) First, fork transfixes tonsil
c) Tonsil transfixed.
d) Second, cutter is released and cuts through tonsil bed
e) Cutting action complete, the instrument is removed wih transfixed tonsil attached.

Dimensions: 270 x 76 x 50 mm