Infant Gas Mask - 1939

Accession #: 2009090

Description: This infant gas mask was distributed in high risk areas of Britain at the outset of the WWII to combat the anticipated deployment of poison gas by the Germans. That never happened. The device was used at least once as an oxygen tent with clinical benefit(Veale,D.V., (1940), BMJ, Correspondence, April 6). This example is marked V.R.C. 9-39 LOT 252 suggesting that it was manufactured in 1939. It is essentially a bag of rubberised canvas into which the baby is introduced head-first. The neck of the bag is secured around the infant's trunk. Ventilation is achieved by means of a hand operated concertina-style valved bellows into which is incorporated a chemical absorption filter. The large transparent window allows adequate light ingress for good monitoring and bonding with the baby. The metal frame offers back support and can be propped head-up.

Veale, D. V.,1940,'Infant's Gas Mask as Oxygen Tent'. Brit. Med. J.April 6th., P.590.


Acquired: 25/04/2009