Killingbeck Nasotracheal tube connection

Accession #: 2009096

Description: Manufactured by Lustrelite in stainless steel, this device consists of a suction union and attached mounting harness. It is/was used to support the nasotracheal tube of infants undergoing medium term (days) airway management or mechanical lung ventilation. It has the advantages of securing the tube reliably while taking the weight of the connection tubing on a circumferential head cap fashioned using Elastoplast and plaster of Paris. The entry of the tube through the nostril is left free of tape or dressings and the tissues are protected from forces that might cause pressure necrosis over a period of hours or days. Developed in the Cardiothoracic Unit, Killingbeck Hospital, near Leeds. The kit includes a set of stainless steel tube adaptors that have an interference fit to the non-Standard taper of the suction union.

Dimensions: 100 x 125 x 30 mm

Acquired: 25/04/2009