Lantern Slide Projector, Large

Accession #: 2009092

Description: 'Empire' brand magic lantern slide projector. Appears to have been originally designed for use with an oil or gas lamp but was subsequently converted to use a large incandescent lamp (DSC08952, DSC08953). The unit has been checked out by the hospital EBME Department and fitted with a 13A RCD plug. The lamp still functions. The size of this unit and the focal length of its objective suggests that it was designed for use in an auditorium or lecture theatre. Focussing is by rack and pinion and the lens is provided with a hinged flap shutter (DSC08951, DSC08955). The name Empire is borne on a plate above the slide carriage. Ventilation is by passive convection an can be augmented by raising the hinged top (DSC08950).

Dimensions: 660 x 380 x 260 mm

Acquired: 25/04/2009