Needle, Mitchell, complete in Box

Accession #: 2010009

18 gauge Mitchell needle used for temporary venous access. The needle tip has a sharpened taper but no end hole. A side hole communicates with the needle lumen which terminates in a knurled hub with a slightly offset, Luer Lock female, connector. The hub has a slot into which a swivelling, lightly sprung arm is attached. The arm bears a piece of silicone (originally red rubber) tubing. Supplied by British Oxygen. 2 x items, a & b. (a) dated 4. 6. 61 . In use, the arm is swung aside and the needle is introduced into a peripheral vein that runs parallel with the surface of the skin. The arm is then swun to overlie the needle. Its action is to lightly obstruct the side port of the needle causing it to permit injections but not aspiration. Once fixed in place, the luer connector can be attached to an infusion and flow is permitted by moving the arm to one side.

Dimension: 63.7 x 8 x 10 mm excl.. box

Acquired: 15/03/2010