Novox Model II Resuscitator

Accession #: 2009134

This hefty resuscitator delivers 100% oxygen to the patient via a corrugated hose and special valved mask using a demand valve mechanism based on the excursions of a rubber reservoir bag. The exhalation valve is spring-loaded to prevent flow-through of the oxygen. This rather increases the work of breathing and maintains a slightly raised airway pressure during exhalation. The device was designed for resuscitation in environments where the atmosphere is polluted or oxygen-deficient and found use in mines and chemical plants. It carries a label dating its final inspection as 1968. Manufactured by Siebe Gorman:‘‘ NOVOX ” and “ NOVITA ”

Resuscitating Apparatus for persons asphyxiated by poison gas, shock, drowning, etc.The Novox was in production from 1938 or before.

Dimension: 145 x 79 x 32 mm

Acquired: 14/11/2009