Ophthalmoscope, Liebreich’s

Accession #: 2008068

Description: Box, impressed ‘Liebreich’s Ophthalmoscope’. Leatherette-covered, maroon velvet and satin lined, with hinged lid and sprung button closure, It contains a Liebreich’s ophthalmoscope, 4 correction lenses (2.0 cm. diam.) in 5 recesses in the lid and 2 larger (3.2 cm diam.) plastic mounted condensing lenses marked 13° and 20°.

mounted in upper tray of box #2008067 The first ophthalmoscope was designed by Hermann von Helmholtz (1851). It had no correcting lenses but the following year, his technician, Rekoss, built one with two rotatable discs on which the lenses were mounted for easy selection. The Liebreich device was originally produced in 1855 and is provided with correcting lenses. It fell out of favour because the lenses have to be mounted individually and are therefore inconvenient compared to the Rekoss variants.


Acquired: 25/10/2008 .