LEYLAND 7.0 Oxford Design Oral Tube

Accession #: 2009103

Description: Endotracheal tube designed for oral insertion .It featured a backward directed bevel at its tip to ease insertion. The tip was of a thinner wall to be more flexible. The shape was considered to be more'anatomical' and tended to sit comfortably in the pharynx. This shape meant that it could not be cut to size. The tube has no tracheal inflatable cuff so the pharynx must be packed to secure the airway. They were usually introduced using a Magill intubating forceps Manufactured in a full range of 0.5 mm I.D. sizes.

Leyland, specialised in manufacturing dipped rubber devices. The company was bought out and immediately closed by its purchasers. The workforce retrieved the machinery and reformed as 'Phoenix' Ltd., continuing to manufacture the range of products for which they were previously renowned.


Acquired: 25/04/2009