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Fine Adjustment Valve - (oxygen)

Accession #: 2008266

Description: This device is susceptible to a number of safety issues. Although marketed as an oxygen valve, the bullnose threaded fitting permits it to be attached to any bullnose gas cylinder other than those filled with flammable gases (where the thread is reversed (anticlockwise)). There is no pressure gauge to warn of cylinder emptying. As there is no pressure regulator incorporated, the selected flow will reduce as the cylinder pressure falls. Compare with the catalogue image (Figure 1) from the Thackray catalogue.

The wings on the threaded bull-nose connector are to assist its loosening and tightening. It would have originally been provided with a wooden or rolled leather mallet. The damage is caused by it having been hit with a large cylinder key. The task of changing cylinders was generally allocated to porters as it was too unladylike for nurses who believed themselves insufficiently muscular for the task. There was also the factor that the cylinders frequently used had large capacity and were dangerous if dropped.

Dimensions: 140 x 100 x 63d mm

Acquired: 06/03/2009