Accession #: 2010053

Description: Steel, box joint pincer-like forceps. Possibly for dental use. ? French. The jaws are double ended. One end is pointed and the other has rounded blades with coarse grasping 'teeth' wrought on the inner surface. This item was cleaned by immersion in citric acid to remove rust (see photos).

Retrieved from the dispensary of the Adelina Patti Hospital after closure. The hospital had been the home of prima donna Adelina Patti and her partner Baron Rolf Von Cederstrom. After her death, the castle and the grounds were sold to the Welsh National Memorial Trust for £11,000 in March 1921, and it was called the ‘Adelina Patti’ Hospital at the request of the Baron. It functioned as a chest hospital and many were nursed back to health during this period until the scourge of tuberculosis was conquered. In its latter years, the patients were mainly elderly and infirm. It ws used as a military hospital during WWII. It finally closed a s as hospital on 31st March 1986.


Acquired: 08/07/2010