Pneumothorax Cannula

Accession #: 2008026

Description: The cannula has a record fitting hub to which a T-piece and isolating tap assembly is attached. The T-piece has a tubing connector nozzle. The tap has a female record taper in line with the axis of the cannula. This example has a wire passing right through the assembly. The cannula has a open rounded tip and a long side port slit close to the tip and is therefore an unique design. The tap is inscribed ‘Staniforth, Cardiff”. There would originally have had a stilette, probably with a trocar tip to assist initial skin puncture. This was used for inducing artificial pneumothorax in the treatment of pulmonary TB. This would have been used in conjunction with a pneumothorax apparatus such as those designed by Holmes-Wingfield or Parry Morgan. Cannula-style devices were favoured by some (Rivière) for initial puncture, reserving needles for those patients with established pneumothoces. Several designs are provided with packing boxes instead of taps.

Dimensions: 90 x 37 x 8 mm

Acquired: 09/05/2008