Charity Commission Registration No.: 1067160

The Trust's General Policy seeks :

  • To provide for the advancement of public education.
  • To raise funds and to invite and receive contributions, artefacts and archives by way of contributions and donations.
  • To organise exhibitions, conferences, lectures, tours and seminars.
  • To promote, encourage or undertake research and disseminate the useful results of such research.
  • To publish and circulate literary, visual and also all educational medical material.
  • To adopt and operate a Bilingual Policy in all its activities.
  • To co-operate with Governmental Agencies and Local Authorities, Universities and Medical Schools and with other charitable organisations".

The business and property of the Trust are managed by the committee of Trustees.

Whilst it remains the ultimate objective of the trust to obtain and operate a permanent established Museum which is regularly open to the pubic, present circumstances make it necessary to confine activity to securing and conserving the collection, making selections of the items available for public display from time to time. This website will be expanded and extended. The curator welcomes comment and information on any of the items displayed.

Chairman: Professor Robert Owen

Secretary: Dr. Peter Lloyd Jones