Pulse Oximeter, Biox, Ohmeda

Accession #: 2008049

Description: Using a computing algorithm similar to that developed by Nihon Kohden in the 1980s. The widespread clinical use of these devices commenced in the late 80s, spearheaded by Nelcor (USA). The device predicts instantaneous oxygen saturation by interpreting the absorption of red and infrared light sensed by a finger probe overlying the fingertip capillary bed. The pulsatile flow is used to interpolate arterial saturation (SaO2) but the measurement technology is identified as SpO2 to recognise the inferential nature of the numerical reading. The device reads out optimised and averaged SpO2 and pulse rate and is equipped with alarm functions. The technology is now used on most patients receiving oxygen or ventilatory therapy. Manufactured by Ohmeda Ltd. See also probe, pulse oximeter, finger, adult and infant.


Acquired: 09/05/2008