Schioetz Ocular Tonometer

Accession #:2011005

Description:This device was used for measuring the intra-ocular tension by deformation of the cornea (also spelt "Schiotz"). After application of topical anaesthesia, it was placed pointing vertically downwards upon the cornea. The applied part consists of a concave, circular plate with a central aperture through which protrudes a rod. The rod is weighted. In use the plate is applied to the anaesthetised cornea, supported by a sliding guide that limits the downward force of the plate, The rod, separately weighted impinges upon the cornea, deforming it to a degree that depends upon the intra-ocular pressure. The scale reading can be converted to units of intra-ocular pressure (mm Hg) by reference to the provided calibration chart. Te range of the instrument may be extended by applying increasing loads. Presented in a grey leatherette case, impressed "Schioetz Tonometer Improved." The instruction sheet carries the date 1955. The bezel of the instrument is impressed "6858".

Manufactured by John Weiss & Son, 17 Wigmore Street, London W1.