'Sparklet' 'J-size' gas delivery kit in case

Accession #: 2009112

Description: Kit includes a J-size 'Sparklet' cylinder with indistinct markings and a dispenser with needle valve, gas outlet nozzle and protective container. In use, the cylinder is placed in the container and the latter is then screwed home on the dispenser until the metal cap is pierced, permitting the gas to be dispensed, at a flow controlled by the needle valve. The whole kit is contained in a cardboard wallet.

DAVIES Br. J. Anaesth..1927; 4: 148-153.


contained in Doctor's Bag 2009110

Loaned to Welsh Assembly for Pierhead Building exhibition 20/01/10

These kits were generally used for dispensing carbon dioxide as a respiratory stimulant, particularly for patients who were slow to recover from anaesthesia. The sparklet cylinders measure 160 x 21 (d) mm.

Dimensions: 260 x 86 x 26 mm (box)

Acquired: 25/06/2009