Suppository Mould, 2 part, brass

Accession #: 2008235

Description: MAW SON & THOMPSON, LONDON. Stamped '15'. parts approximated using knurled knob and threaded pin. Maw / S. Maw Son & Thompson


Biography 'The name MAW has been associated with a whole range of British made chemist's sundries, dressings, surgical appliances and instruments, for nearly 200 years.' The company grew out of a wholesale druggist company in London, later instrument maker. 'The company was founded by Hornby and Maw in 1807, was listed as George Maw and Son in 1826, S. Maw and Son in 1860 and S. Maw and Son and Thompson in 1870. In 1901 it was still in Maw hands as S. Maw, Son, and Sons.' Based at 55 Aldermanbury, London when making products for Museum[Alison Petch [as part of 'The Other Within' project 2006-9] 30/04/2007]

Dimensions: 78 x 22 x 16 mm

Acquired: 05/12/2008