'Tubinic' ampoule syringe - 'Omnopon'

Accession #: 2010062

Description: Flexible metal dispenser tube with injection needle for emergency administration of analgesic. Contains 'Omnopon' (papavereum} Grains 1/2. Dispenser box of 6 applicators. Manufacturer: Roche.

Label reads: 'Each 1 c.c. 'Tubinic' Ampoule-Syringe contains: 'Omnopon Total Opium Alkaloids gr. 1/2=Morphine gr. 1/4 plus gr. 1/4 hydrochlorides of total remaining alkaloidal constituents of Opium. Manufactured by ROCHE PRODUCTS LTD., Welwyn Garden City, Herts. POISON D.D.A. These would have been suppied to military paramedics for field use on casualties. Their advantage being that the device was a complete injection system and is largely glass-free.


Dimensions: 77 x 71 x 23 mm (box)