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USCI Cardiac catheter Guide system

Accession #: 2009075

Description: USCI MULLER GUIDE - DEFLECTOR MOD NO 2500 (fig. 1) ia a hand-held device which allows for the tip of an attached exploring intravascular catheter to be bent and for the direction of the bend to be altered by swivelling the

Intravascular catheter is generally stiff but the tip is flexible (fig. 2)

The '#9236 Pilotip Guide' guidance system (Fig. 3) is fed into the catheter. It has a coaxial mechanism that causes the tip to be bent by traction on the inner core relative to the outer sheath (figs. 4 & 5). Control is achieved by manipulating the ring-eye trigger lever on the deflector and swivelling about its long axis. Donated from the Cardiology Department at Llandough Hospital circa 2000.

Manufactured by USCI (U.S. Catheter & Instrument Corporation, Glens Falls, N.Y. USA.


Acquired: 16/03/2009