Waite's Cartridge Syringe Kit

Accession #: 2009116

Description: Cardboard case, fabric lined, containing a hinged cartridge syringe and a range of cartridges. Copious instructions explain the use of the syringe and the two principal drugs: Waite's Procaine (2% procaine and adrenaline) and Topocain (topical mucosal analgesic). No. 2 Procaine Solution is 2% procaine with 1:50,000 epinephrine (adrenalin) and the longer acting No. 4 Procaine Solution is 2% procaine with 1:25,000 epinephrine.


contained in Doctor's Bag 2009110

Loaned to Welsh Assembly for Pierhead Building exhibition 20/01/10


Dimensions: 155 x 158 x 30 mm (box closed)

Acquired: 25/06/2009