Wright's Peak Flow Meter

Accession #: 2008199

Description: Wright Peak Flow Meter, in internally lined leatherette clinical user case with disposable cardboard tube mouth pieces and wire mucus filter. Manufactured by Airmed Ltd. Introduced in 1959 to measure PEF (Peak Expiratory Flow). It was not until 2004 that an European Standard (EN 13826) was introduced to regulate the calibration of this device and its competitors. Wright developed this instrument while working at the Pneumoconiosis Research Unit of the Medical Research Council at Llandough Hospital, Penarth. Unit is zeroed before use and the patient instructed to expel a maximal flow breath. The dial is calibrated 6 - 1000 Litres/minute. The needle holds the maximal reading until reset. Used to assess peak flow performance of patients with chronic airways disease and to assess bronchodilator effect in asthma.


Acquired: 05/12/2008 2 Professor Terry Turner 86 Colchester Avenue Penylan Cardiff CF23 9AZ